Martha Stewart's Favorite Recipes


Wine can be enjoyed all by itself, but when paired with the right dish something magical happens! The right dish can bring out the flavors in a wine just as the right wine compliments the food. Check out some of our favorite recipes below.

Red Wine Pairings


Minestrone with Pesto
Hearty and homemade, Martha's minestrone soup paired with our full-bodied Abbazia Barbera d'Asti D.O.C.G. is the perfect combination for a cozy night in

Wine: 2015 Abbazia Barbera d'Asti D.O.C.G


Braised Short Ribs
The perfect pairing for this vegetable-rich dish, made by Martha's personal chef, is our California Longchase Vintners Cabernet Sauvignon with its structured tannins and red fruit flavors.

Wine: 2016 Longchase Vintners Cabernet Sauvignon


Duck Breast with Port Wine Reduction Sauce
Rich and juicy duck breast makes for a wonderful dinner. With a tart port wine reduction, this recipe offers a unique take on an easy-to-make poultry dish that pairs perfectly with bright and fruity Ocean Breeze Pinot Noir.

Wine: 2014 Ocean Breeze Pinot Noir


Porterhouse Steak with Compound
Your senses will take flight when you pair this savory steak dish with Lone Cardinal Cabernet Sauvignon's notes of black cherry and currant.

Wine: 2016 Lone Cardinal Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon


Braised Pulled Pork Sandwich
Homemade Texas barbecue sauce and dry rub along with the red fruit and toast flavors of our Jamais Renoncer red blend give this pulled pork incredible flavor. Searing in a Dutch oven followed by cooking in the oven at a low temperature makes for moist, tender meat every time.

Wine: Jamais Renoncer (currently out of stock)

White Wine Pairings


Sole a la Meuniere
Crisp and zesty, 2016 Domaine de Menard, a blend of Colombard, Sauvignon, and Gros Manseng grapes, is the ideal white to balance the sole's delicate fish flavor.

Wine: 2016 Domaine de Menard


Pan-seared Scallops
Fresh scallops with a refreshing squeeze of lemon will be the perfect pairing to our rich and juicy 2016 Bardolay Chardonnay Pays d'OC.

Wine: 2016 Bardolay Chardonnay Pays d'OC


Perfect Roast Chicken
Ready in 5 simple steps, the perfect dinner has never been so easy to make with this classic dish. Browned to perfection and topped with a savory pan sauce, pair this meal with an oaked Chardonnay, like our Australian Starlight Ridge Chardonnay.

Wine: 2017 Starlight Ridge Chardonnay


Pan-seared Salmon with Caper-lemon Butter
Dinner for two has never tasted so good! With homemade caper-lemon butter, our A D'Arche White Blend Bordeaux goes swimmingly with this seared-to-perfection salmon dish. The wine's fresh and fruity profile and nice minerality complements the distinct flavor of this classic fish.

Wine: 2016 A D'Arche Bordeaux White Blend


Caesar Salad
This Caesar Salad with homemade croutons complements an array of main courses from pork and chicken, to pasta and fish. Our Cannery Row Chardonnay is the ideal pairing to this spectacular salad with its refreshing notes of apple, nectarine, melon, vanilla, and oak.

Wine: 2016 Cannery Row Chardonnay

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