Wine Cocktails


Wine is delicious all by itself, but it also loves to mingle with friends--from orange juice to Grand Marnier. Check out our fun ideas for including wine into the cocktail bar.

Cocktails that Sparkle


Aperol Spritz
Summertime is even more delicious when you're holding this refreshing sparkling white wine cocktail over ice in hand. This Italian aperitif is perfect for poolside afternoons.

Wine: Abbazia Cuvée Prestige, Scavi & Ray Ice Prestige Sparkling, L'Arche Perlee Cremant De Bordeaux Brut


Spa Day
This easy over-ice cocktail is perfect for sipping poolside or with brunch. It's cool, refreshing and evokes the relaxing feeling of a day at the spa.

Wine: Scavi & Ray Ice Prestige Sparkling


Pineapple Mimosa
Make a splash with a tropical twist on the classic mimosa. Any sparkling will work, but we suggest a dry, yet slightly sweeter spumante.

Wine: Scavi & Ray Ice Prestige Sparkling, L'Arche Perlee Cremant De Bordeaux Brut, Abbazia Cuveé Prestige, Marques de Plata Cava


Menning Mimosa
Everyone loves the classic brunch cocktail, Mimosa! You can use a French Cremant, an Italian Prosecco -- even a delicious Spanish Cava. We like to keep it on the dry side of sparkling.

Wine: L'Arche Perlee Cremant De Bordeaux Brut, Abbazia Cuveé Prestige, Marques de Plata Cava


The Capricorn
It doesn't matter if you're a Virgo, you will still get along just fine with The Capricorn, a sweet-rimmed take on serving sparkling wine that is perfect for bridal showers or Mother's Day.

Wine: Marqués de Plata Cava, Fincalegre Cava Brut


Blood-orange Champagne
Looking for Mimosa alternatives with a boost of antioxidants? Try adding a few teaspoons of blood-orange juice.

Wine: L'Arche Perlee Cremant De Bordeaux Brut, Fincalegre Cava Brut


Lemon Sorbet Cocktail
Summer, sorbet, sparkling -- they just go great together. Enjoy a dry Spanish Cava with this limoncello-inspired cocktail that is far easier to make than the Italian liqueur. Try a smaller scoop in your glass for the Evelyn Waugh-inspired Champagne Cocktail.

Wine: Abbazia Cuvée Prestige, Fincalegre Cava Brut


New Year's Cocktails
On New Year's Eve sparkling is an absolute must. But don't stop at a toast--try our cocktail suggestions for a fun twist using three of our popular sparkling wines.

Wine: Marqués de Plata Cava, L'Arche Perlee Cremant de Bordeaux Brut, Scavi & Ray Ice Prestige Sparkling

The Rosé Way


Rosé Cocktails
Whether you're hosting a soirée for a group of friends, or a quiet dinner for two, cocktails can add a special touch to elevate the evening... and what better ingredient in a cocktail than Rosé?

Wine: Les Muraires Coup De RoséVilla Ruby


Rosy Raspberry Spritzer
Welcome your guests with this delicious and refreshing Rosé spritzer made with off-dry Rosé and rose water.

Wine: Villa Ruby

White Wine Time


White Wine Spritzer
Whether you're planning a brunch or bridal shower or just doing a little outdoor entertaining, spritz up the event by serving White Wine Spritzers, a fun, but light cocktail.

Wine: 2017 Villa Amoroso Pinot Grigio D.O.C.,2017 Arbos Pinot Grigio,2018 Cala De' Poeti Pinot Grigio I.G.T.


Kir Cocktail
Liven up your next dinner party with a simple French cocktail. Traditionally, the wine of choice has long been Aligoté, with its floral fragrance and notes of apple and citrus. To make a Kir Royale, choose a sparkling white.

Wine: Jean Boisselier Bourgogne Aligote, L'Arche Perlee Cremant De Bordeaux Brut

Red, Red Wine 


Winter Sangria
Sangria is not just for summer! Try Martha Stewart’s recipe for this popular fruit and wine cocktail, which we love most when made with a yummy Tempranillo, a great Spanish grape, or even Grenache.

Wine: Kepe Tempranillo


Mulled Wine
This winter wonder was first recorded in Rome in the 2nd century, when Romans heated their extra wine with spices to save it from being wasted. Read more about this classic and try Martha Stewart's recipe.

Wine: Kepe Tempranillo, Monarch Glen Merlot, Nguilleu Merlot,