Winemaker Spotlight

Meet the Vigouroux Family

For over a century, the Vigouroux family has passed a love of wine from generation to generation, building a reputation as one of the finest producers in France. The winemaking tradition originated in 1887 with Germain Vigouroux and, since 1971, his descendants have planted vines on a Cahors slope that was a vineyard during the Middle Ages.

Bertrand Vigouroux is the Owner and Winemaker at Georges Vigouroux. While discussing the inspiration behind his winemaking, Mr. Vigouroux says, “My high-quality wines start in my dreams and mind. The common characteristics are always around balance, drinkability and expression of the purity of the grape. One of my goals is to make elegant wines, but also full-bodied wines. Rare are those that can have both.

Taste this balance of elegance and full-bodied flavor when you uncork four wines from Georges Vigouroux. This collection features two dark and fruity Malbecs grown in the varietal’s French home, an award-winning Malbec Rosé with a delicious and dry profile, and an elegant Mauzac with notes of dried apple and pear

My high-quality wines start in my dreams and mind.
- Bertrand Vigouroux