Kir Cocktail

An Easy Apéritif

Ever hosted a dinner party and wished you had something special for guests to sip before dinner? We have the perfect drink to pour—a Kir Cocktail.

What is Kir and where does it come from?
Kir is a classic French cocktail named after Félix Kir, the mayor of Dijon in Burgundy, France. Félix would serve this now popular drink to his visiting international guests and lent his name to producers of the Crème de Cassis liqueur.

How do you make it?
This cocktail is made of 9 parts white wine and 1 part Crème de Cassis.

What does it pair with?
A Kir Cocktail is typically served as an apéritif before a meal, so it's the perfect way to add elegance to any occasion.

What white wine should I use?
The beauty behind this cocktail is that it works with a variety of white wines, so you can use whatever you have on hand. Traditionally, the wine of choice has long been Aligoté. With its floral fragrance and notes of apple and citrus, Aligoté creates a crisp palate making it the perfect pairing for this French cocktail!

Whether you're hosting a dinner party or having a relaxing evening with friends, a Kir Cocktail will be sure to make the evening a memorable one!

...the perfect way to add elegance to any occasion.