Perfectly Pink Rosé Cocktails

Whether you're hosting a soirée for a group of friends, or a quiet dinner for two, cocktails can add a special touch to elevate the evening... and what better ingredient in a cocktail than Rosé?

Coup de Rosé and Gin
This light and refreshing French Rosé needs little else, but we jazzed it up with some gin and orange flavored sparkling water. Cut slices of blood orange and squeeze a bit of juice into the cocktail for a little extra citrus kick. Garnish with raspberries and orange slices and you have a perfectly pink and bubbly cocktail for your evening.

Wine: Les Muraires Coup De Rosé

Racine Rosé
If you're looking for something dry and fruity, this quintessentially French Rosé from Provence is precisely what you need. Simply pour a glass of this and garnish with anything from melon to berries and mint, and this is a drink you'll be able to sip this cocktail from happy hour to dessert.

Wine: Racine Rosé

Villa Ruby and Rasperries
Rosé and raspberries and rose water, oh my! This cocktail smells great and tastes even better. Find out how to make Martha's Rosy Raspberry Spritzer here.

Wine: Villa Ruby

Rosé is like white shoes after Labor Day... you can wear white shoes anytime now. - Martha Stewart