Meet Bruno Lafon


Set against a backdrop of sweeping vineyards and lush foliage lies the illustrious wine region known as Burgundy. For generations, this is where winemaker Bruno Lafon's family grew arguably the best white wine in the world. As Lafon says, "Vine growing and wine are in my blood." After years of cultivating not only the land but also his passion for winemaking, he uprooted to the south of France. The new terroirs, grape varieties and challenges offered something that Lafon couldn't find in Burgundy: Inspiration.

No longer did he simply have to produce Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. He could now extend his expertise and wisdom to other varietals, such as Rosé. This led to the creation of one of Martha Stewart's Favorite wines: perfectly pink and expressive Racine Côtes de Provence Rosé. As Martha lovingly describes, "I love the color; it's perfect for entertaining, for cocktail time, for dinnertime, for any time," a sentiment with which we couldn't agree more.


From Rhône, Côtes de Provence, and beyond, the wines in Lafon's Racine line characterize French winemaking. They are unique, generous, fruity and have the ability to surprise you. By reflecting their origin and retaining pure fruit expression, they emanate a refined elegance that's indicative of the terroirs they're grown in. Lafon's ability to intertwine influences from old and new French winemaking styles is how he can keep producing such pleasurable wines. Discover for yourself with The Racine Collection featuring three Martha's Favorites: a crisp Chardonnay with enchanting fruit notes, a soft, fruit-driven old vine French red, and refreshing Racine Rosé!